Things To Do on St. Croix

Please click on the tabs we have listed for recommended activities and places.  These are all based upon our own experiences as well as the experiences of friends,family and prior guests. Be sure to use ”St. Croix this Week” as a more comprehensive source of activities and other offerings during your stay. Peter Desjardins column in the Friday edition of the Avis newspaper also has recommendations for upcoming weekend happenings and entertainment.

We hope you will also have suggestions that we can incorporate for future guests.


St. Croix has good roads. Make use of your rental car and get out and explore. There’s a lot to see and many places to visit.

St. Croix has all the attributes of “paradise” but it is really like anywhere else and not immune to crime. Use good judgment. Leave flashy jewelry at home. You don’t need it. You also don’t need an extensive wardrobe. Decent shorts, polo shirts, t-shirts and flip-flops will do just about anytime anywhere. In better restaurants at night, ladies might wish to opt for a cool summer shift and guys perhaps for lightweight long pants (only maybe) and boat shoes. Some restaurants, such as the Terrace at the Buccaneer, require men to have collars (Polo shirt OK). If in doubt, simply inquire when making a reservation what is customary. Jackets and ties or socks are not necessary anywhere.

Don’t leave anything of value in your car, even out of sight or in the trunk, especially at beaches. You should feel totally safe on the roads throughout the island, but at night especially in town, stay to the main tourist areas and roads. You will not see the levels of abject poverty that you would encounter on other islands as St. Croix is US.  You will find that the local people are somewhat shy and many are very religious. They respond very positively and in a friendly way to courtesy and respect, just like anyone else. People in the islands don’t generally rush – for you or anyone else. The custom in the VI is for people entering a shop or other establishment (that’s you) to initiate the greeting with “Good morning, Good afternoon, or Good evening. This seems backward in a service-based economy but it is the custom here.

Because we live on an island our resources are very precious and expensive here. Our electric rate is the highest in the developed world. Please help us conserve by turning off lights, fans and air conditioning when not in use. Our only source of household water is from the rain which we collect on our roofs and collect in large cisterns under our homes. Please use our water but don’t waste it. We will often substitute a dip in the pool for a shower and the latter are generally shorter in duration than might be the custom at home. When you leave the house to explore St. Croix, doors and windows should be closed. The damaging effects of the salt air is considerable (you don’t have to look far to find rust, even on newer items) and our tropical rain showers can blow in unexpectedly even on an otherwise beautiful day.

As a final tip (and I know you’ve heard it before), don’t forget your sunscreen or tanning lotion. The sun is very intense here.

We hope you enjoy your stay and will visit St. Croix again. Explore, relax, and enjoy.