Rental Policies

* Cancellations: If you need to cancel a confirmed reservation for any reason, no refund of previously paid reservation deposits/prepaid rents will be allowed, unless the reserved property can be rebooked for the same reservation period and price. If we are notified of a cancellation, we will make every effort to rebook and will refund your prepaid amounts, which will be based upon any alternative revenue received, less a 20% cancellation fee of the total rental rate. Any such refunds will only be made once we actually receive the replacement reservation deposits and/or prepaid rents for your reserved booking period. Security deposits are fully refundable. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND TRIP INSURANCE For information or a quote on trip insurance click here

* Check-In time is 5:00PM and renter should not arrive until the property is ready for occupancy. No exceptions without prior written authorization. Renters that have paid for the early check in option will find the times have been adjusted to reflect the change in times on the rental agreement. Every effort is made to have the premises ready for guest occupancy at check-in time, but we cannot guarantee the exact time of occupancy with back-to-back reservations.

* Check-Out time is 10:00AM no exceptions without prior written authorization. This policy is strictly enforced to provide housekeeper adequate time to prepare the property for the next guests arrival. Renters that have paid for the late check-out option will find the times have been adjusted to reflect the change in times on the rental agreement. Guests who have not departed the property by 10:00AM shall incur a fee equal to the rental rate for one night.

The following items must be complied with before check out:
1. Dishes, Pots, Pans, Silverware, and Utensils must be washed and dried
2. Stove/oven shall be left in a clean condition
3. Refrigerator should be left clean and free of food
4. All trash put in outside garbage cans when applicable                                                                   5. Leave all bed linens and pillows in the bedrooms you found them in, hang damp towels up in bathroom towel racks
6. BBQ grates brushed and left clean
7. TURN OFF all air conditioner units
8. TURN OFF all lights and fans inside and outside
9. Check all doors and windows to insure they are locked before departure. (If you have any difficulty with locking the doors please notify us immediately as the villa CANNOT be left unlocked)
10. Property should be left neat and in order (same condition it was in when Guest(s) arrived.

* Complaints: All representations made by owner/ owner’s representative with respect to Sea Glass Villa are complete and accurate to the best of their knowledge and made in good faith. . If you have not rented a vacation home in the Caribbean before we are disclosing the fact that it is highly likely that you may experience one or more of the following inconveniences during your stay. Energy and Power on the island is substandard as a result power outages and power surges are a common problem. Owner/ owner’s representative are not responsible for issues outside of their control such as the failure of the water supply, electricity, televisions satellite service, internet service etc., though they will endeavor to arrange for any such problems to be corrected as soon as practical we cannot guarantee that we can remedy the above mentioned issue during a guests stay. If you have any such problem during a rental period, you must notify our caretaker immediately so that we can try and remedy the situation. No refunds will be offered for any issues outside of our control.

* Day Guests Visitors: Guests that have booked a stay and would like to invite family or friends as a day visitor require pre-authorization. A maximum of 2 day guest visitors are allowed at a rate of $10.00 per person. This fee covers the cost to arrange for a gate pass at the Judith Fancy guard station.  Payment showing day visitors and the names of the two authorized day guests must be shown on the rental agreement with a notation that they are a day guest visitor. Day Guest Visitor times are from 9:00AM - 9:00PM

* Directions and Codes: Two weeks prior to arrival, the Renter designated in this Agreement, will receive detailed driving directions, access codes for your visit for lock boxes or keyless entry systems for the property. Caretaker contact information will also be provided should renter need assistance during the visit.

* Energy Conservation & Power: The US Virgin Islands electrical power is substandard and not like the service found in the United States, Canada and Europe. Power outages and electrical surges are known to happen on more than infrequent basis. A power surge can cause a great deal of damage to electrical appliances and especially the split air conditioner units. Renter is requested to conserve usage by running the units during evening hours. Air Conditioner units cannot go below 65 degrees as setting the temperature too low will cause the unit to freeze up. Air Conditioner units should be turn off during the day or periodically when not in use to allow them to cool down properly. If a power surge damages the appliances or air conditioner units we will make every effort to try and repair. No guarantees can be made that the units can be replaced or repaired during a stay if parts are not readily available on the island.

Excess Fees:  Rate does not include excess cleaning or litter pick up.  Refer to additional cleaning fees

* Fire Danger: Due to the scarcity of water and distance to the fire department NO Fire pits or Fireworks are permitted on the premises which includes the Judith Fancy community beach area.
* Garbage & Trash: We ask that our guests please help us with trash/garbage and recycling. It is extremely important that garbage and trash be disposed of properly so you do not attract rodents. Guests will find a large trash receptacle in the garage. All boxes should be broken down and stored next to the garbage can as boxes have a tendency to use up valuable garbage space. All trash must be in kitchen garbage bags, removed from the house and disposed of prior to departure. Guests will be charged an excess trash fee of $50.00/hr plus dump fees which is defined as anything that will not fit in the garbage cans that are allotted for your week stay. Excess fees will also apply to trash that is disposed of loose not in kitchen trash bags.

* Hot Tub/Spa/Beach Towels: Beach towels are available for guests; we ask that if the beach towels are borrowed that they be laundered after use.

* Hurricane Policy: Guests that rent the villa from mid June through mid December should be aware that they are renting during Hurricane season and the villa could have hurricane shutters up during your stay. In the event of a pending hurricane, all guests MUST vacate the villa when instructed to do so by our caretaking staff. This is for the safety and well-being of our guests. Any unused rent and taxes will be totally refunded. It is the sole responsibility of the guests to secure other lodging or change airline tickets for an early departure. Refer to Hurricane Policies

* Inspection Report: The house is inspected before and after every guest visit. Upon arrival renter is advised to review the inspection report and notify the caretaker of any inconsistency between the report and your findings. Failure to complete this action may unintentionally hold you liable for damage that occurred before your arrival. Upon your departure a subsequent inspection report will be prepared. Renter is solely responsible for any and all damage that has occurred between the two reports.

* Inventory: The furnishings provided are inventoried upon arrival and departure. A complete set of towels are provided for each guest (Bath, Hand and wash cloth). The kitchen has been labeled with the location of every item along with a complete inventory list in the guest service book. We ask that guests please return items back to the labeled location for ease in taking inventory at departure.

* Liability: Vacation Holdings, LLC, Owner and Caretaker assumes no responsibility for any loss, injury, or damage to person or property because of the acts of those providers, or otherwise and Renter shall indemnify and hold harmless Vacation Holdings, LLC Owner and Caretaker for any claims for personal injury or property damage arising from the vacation rental.

* Lost and Found Items: Guests are reminded to allow enough time before departure to insure that belongings are not left behind as costs associated with return of belongings can be quite expensive. Due to concerns with belongings lost in shipment or damaged in transit we cannot accept the liability for guests belongings. Therefore, guest is asked to contact a local UPS store in your area and arrange for UPS to pick up your belongings. We will require packaging to be sent to us ahead of time along with the return label. The fee for our caretakers time to package and arrange for the shipment is $30.00 per hour. Before belongings can be shipped back a disclaimer is required that states our caretaker will not be responsible for loss or damage. Scheduling the return or picking up of the belongings cannot take place until the next turn day as our policy is not to disturb guests.

* Occupancy Compliance: Renter must be in compliance with the occupancy requirements of our insurer and local fire ordinances therefore the guest list must be accurate at all times. Maximum sleeping occupancy is 8 guests and 2 day guest visitors for a total of 10 people on the premises. Primary occupant must be age 25 or older, our caretaker may request to see a copy of a valid driver's license for verification purposes. To insure accuracy of the guest list please be advised that Vacation Holdings, LLC reserves the right to conduct unannounced visits to the property to assure accuracy. Occupancy by additional persons, beyond the specified maximum, will result in the forfeiture of your security deposit and/or early termination of your rental period, without refund or rental fees paid. Renter must understand that this property is intended to be used only by the maximum specified number of persons specified in this rental agreement. Please be respectful of property lines and boundaries between our rental home and our neighbors, and that you must observe "quiet hours" between 9PM & 7AM each day of your visit. All special occasion parties including weddings require prior approval; unauthorized Parties, Live Bands or Disc Jockeys are strictly prohibited. Rates are based on occupancy and number of bedrooms used. Renter is advised that if additional beds are found to be used at departure the security deposit will be charged at the higher rate.

* Parking: A Judith Fancy community gate pass is required for all visitors entering the community. We can accommodate a maximum of 4 cars on the premises in the driveway area. No on street parking is allowed.

* Pets: Small pets under 30 lbs will be considered with a $200.00 Pet Fee and additional damage security deposit. Refer to Pet Policy

* Refunds: No refunds issued due to weather including leaks from heavy down pours, airline or ferry schedules, road conditions, power, gas, electrical, pest and insects, rust from salt spray, air conditioners, media room electronics, televisions, internet outages or failure of any of the electronic equipment in the home to work properly. Renter is advised that additional persons, beyond the specified guest list, will result in the forfeiture of the security deposit and that it will result in early termination of your rental period, without refund or rental fees and that renter will be held liable for payment of the higher rental rate.

* Rental Application Fee $35.00 this is a one-time fee that is only charged to guests that have not stayed with us before. We require that new renters provide us with a copy for their Driver's License to insure that the person that is named on the rental agreement is really who they claim to be. This is also to insure that the renter meets our age requirement limit. If you are considered to be a gold star renter and can provide us with references the application fee may be waived.

* Reservations: A 50% deposit is required at time of booking, the balance is due 60 days prior to arrival. Reservations greater than one year a 25% deposit is required at time of booking and the second payment of 25% is due six months prior to arrival and the balance due 60 days prior to arrival. Reservation deposits made by check will require funds to be held by authorization hold on a credit card. If check is not received within 7 days the credit card will be automatically charged and credit card fee applied to the reservation. Sorry, no courtesy holds are permitted please read through the rental polices carefully before placing a reservation by telephone on booking a reservation on line. Once a booking confirmation email has been sent with the link to the rental agreement this will be considered to be a confirmed reservation and the terms of the cancellation policy will be enforce. Failure to return a signed rental agreement will not waive the terms of the cancellation policy as once a reservation has been submitted the dates on the calendar are immediately blocked with the inability for anyone else to reserve the property.

* Reservation Changes: No deletions to a confirmed reservation will be allowed. Renter can make additions to the reservation up until two weeks prior to arrival without charge. No charge for up to two reservation changes, a $20.00 reservation change fee will be applied on the third change or after the final confirmation details have been sent.

* Security Deposit $250.00: All rentals regardless of stay duration require a security deposit. This deposit is fully refundable within seven (7) days following the end of your rental period if paid by check, deposits paid by credit card will be held and released the day of departure if the premises are left undamaged and all inventory intact and all financial obligations met(guests will find a complete listing of inventory in the guest service booklet). Renter is responsible for any and all damages caused during their stay including damages caused by others in their party and/or their guests. A portion of this security deposit will be used for excess cleaning at $30.00 per hour and/or trash removal at $25.00 per hour plus the dump fee, if the property is left excessively dirty or littered. This home has an extensive amount of windows and doors, renters with toddlers are asked to remove all baby finger prints and smears from windows before departure as the cleaning fee does not cover the cost for extensive window cleaning at departure.

* Sleeping Capacity: All guests staying on the premises must pay for sleeping accommodations either by ordering a bedroom or sofa bed. We do not allow guests to bring sleeping bags or air mattresses or guests to sleep on the top of the sofa in the villa. We reserve the right to cancel reservations if sleeping accommodations are not adequate for the number of occupants listed on the reservation guest list.

* Smoking: This is a non-smoking home. If it is found that any member of the rental party, or guest of the rental party, has smoked inside the home or on the porches/decks/grounds, your security deposit will be forfeited. The entire home is designated as a No Smoking Area.

* Storm Policy: We highly recommend trip insurance during winter months as No refunds will be given for storms or formidable weather.

* Supplies: A complete set of towels are provided for each guest (Bath, Hand and wash cloth). We provide a beginning supply of paper goods; (2 rolls of toilet paper in each bathroom and a roll of paper towels). We also provide laundry detergent, dish soap and kitchen trash bags. The kitchen has basic spices and herbs, salt and pepper, sugar, coffee and tea. The outside BBQ has a tank of propane.

* Swimming Pool Policy: Renter is advised that No Lifeguard is on Duty; no glass is permitted in the pool area with the exception of eyeglasses. No running in the patio or pool deck area. Absolutely no diving or jumping off roofs or walls into the swimming pool. If we are notified of any renter or renters guests jumping off roofs or walls into the swimming pool this will be considered breach of contract and renter and or renters guests will be immediately requested to vacate the premises without refund.

* Telephone & Internet: Guests are advised to bring along a cell phone as the villa does not have a hard line telephone.  The villa has high speed wireless internet service however the internet service can be unstable during certain times of the year due to weather conditions such as heavy wind and rain.

* Use of Grounds:  This policy applies to Guests that have booked a weeklong stay and would like to have a family gathering and or small wedding reception or event on the premises. No charge when 4 bedrooms have been ordered and all 8 occupants are shown on the rental agreement. Use of grounds includes the decks, BBQ area, Spa and Picnic area. A separate Use or Grounds Venue Agreement is required beyond 8 guests with a maximum occupancy not to exceed 20 guests. Any individual, organization or group seeking to use the villa for an Event, Meeting, Wedding or Reception will need to provide a certificate of insurance for $1,000,000 of general liability where Vacation Holdings LLC, the owner and caretaker shall be named as an additional insured. Failure to provide proof of insurance within 30 days of the event date will deem the use of grounds venue agreement null and void. Refer to Use of Ground Policies