When you aren't on the beach, in the water, or playing golf, consider our island's charms.  Please be sure to check before you go on hours of operation, opening days, and entry fees as they are often seasonal and subject to change without notice. 

Christiansted   Fort Christiansvaern

Christiansted: Stroll through this picturesque Danish colonial town starting at the waterfront's grassy lawn, the Christiansted National Historic Site managed by the U.S. National Park Service, an ideal place to learn about the town's 18th century origins. Climb to the top of yellow Fort Christiansvaern for a striking view of the harbor, poke your head in the Scale House, and walk up King Street from the wharf to see the original Government House of the Danish West Indies. Shop, then relax with a cool drink on the boardwalk and watch the seaplanes take off.

Christiansted  Fort Frederik

Frederiksted: Step up to St. Croix's most historic structure, the handsome, red Fort Frederik, built at the end of Strand Street around 1760. There, on July 3, 1848, enslaved workers demanded their freedom and it was granted at last by Danish Governor-General Peter von Scholten. After touring the fort's historic exhibits, head south along the waterfront to the Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts, to see galleries of paintings and changing exhibits housed in an 18th century merchant's building. Have a late lunch at one of several waterfront restaurants and linger for a spectacular sunset.

Estate Little Princess: Hike trails through the ruins of a plantation established in 1749, now a 25-acre Nature Conservancy preserve and demonstration site for green technologies. The estate includes the former plantation's great house and overseer's home.

Botanical Gardens  Botanical Gardens

St. George Village Botanical Garden: Lose yourself in16 acres of orchids, cactus, ferns, palms, and other gorgeous things that grow in our tropical climate. Lush plantings are beautifully set in the ruins of an 18th century plantation and there's an attractive visitors center and gift shop, where you can pick up a self-guided map and tour of the gardens.

Cruzan Rum  Cruzan Rum Distillery

Cruzan Rum Distillery: Sniff and see masterful rum-making in action on a guided tour, the way it has been done here for centuries. Learn how a master distiller brings rainwater and molasses together to end up in fruity drinks with tiny umbrellas—it's the same process islanders have used since the 1650s. At the end of your tour, samples await—savor Single Barrel Estate Rum neat, sip an exotic flavored-rum cocktail, or quench your thirst with a classic rum and Coke. Say hello while you're there to the Nelthropps, the family that has been making these rums for eight generations. They still gather daily at the distillery to taste-test the product before it is bottled. It's no wonder their Cruzan Rum is still considered the world's most honored rum—and a few bottles make a great souvenir to take home.

Estate Whim Plantation Museum: Tour the unusual oval great house, dating from 1743, furnished with period antiques that can help you imagine life as it once was here. Walk through fields for a close look at one of those stone sugar mills you've wondered about, as well as the animal and steam mills employed long ago to grind sugarcane. The 11-acre property also includes slave quarters, a cookhouse, bath house, and watch house.

Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts: You can't miss this lively arts center perched on the Frederiksted waterfront housing galleries full of paintings and changing exhibits in a stately, 18th century merchant's building. Local adults and school kids come here for hands-on classes and event openings in a charming courtyard.

Lawaetz Museum   Lawaetz Museum

Lawaetz Museum at Little LaGrange: Go back in time at this charming gem nestled at the edge of our tropical forest for a glimpse of a prominent local farm family's life more than 100 years ago. The great house contains Danish and West Indian antiques, photographs, and other family heirlooms. Lush gardens offer nature trails for hiking.