Pet Fees & Policies

We understand how important it is to be able to bring your pet with you on a vacation or a weekend get away. Pets are always welcome at Sea Glass Villa, we just ask that you read through our pet polices before you consider bringing your pet on vacation with you.

Pet Fee

*The pet fee is $25.00 per night per pet.


*Pet fees are NOT REFUNDABLE should you decide not to bring your pet.
We have a flexible reservation system so if you are undecided we recommend waiting as you can add your pet to the reservation up until your arrival date.

*If pet causes a noise disturbance and we receive a neighborhood complaint (barking, howling) we have no choice but to ask that the renter vacate the pet from the premises. If this happens we are not able to offer any refunds.

Pet Security Deposit

*In addition to the normal security deposit we require an additional pet deposit of $100.00 which is refundable if extra time is not required for cleaning or removal of pet hair. Renter must dispose of waste from the grounds and deposit waste in a plastic bag which is to be placed in outside garbage cans. Renter agrees that failure to comply with clean-ups of either inside or outside the villa will result in the full pet security deposit being forfeited.

*Should damage to the villa, grounds or furnishings (including linens) or flea infestation occur and is not covered by the damage insurance, the guest is responsible for said charges up to and beyond the pet security deposit and will be charged to the credit card placed for pet deposit. If the credit card will not cover these charges guests will make arrangements for replacing and/or repairing the damages. These charges include the time involved for correcting the problem by; clean up, fumigation, replacement, repair of said damages.

Pet Policies

*A maximum of Two pets will be considered for each stay.
*Pet owner must be the person that has rented the cabin and is the person named on the rental agreement, we cannot accept pets that belong to friends or family of the renter.
*We only can accept adult dogs. Sorry, No puppies are permitted (puppies are defined as twelve months or younger).
*Pets must be completely house broken, well behaved and pest free.
*If your pet has smeared the glass doors leading to the deck renter must clean windows before departure.
*Pets are not allowed on any of the beds or furniture. We provide a pet bed with a fresh clean flannel cover for your pet.
*Most importantly, Renter must agree to bring pets’ crate and bedding . While Renter is away from the villa, the pet must be secured in a pet carrier and NOT left to wander inside the villa, or outside. SORRY NO EXCEPTIONS. The reason for this is we have experienced damage from pets scratching doors.
*If your pet has an accident in cabin, all clean up will need to be performed by the renter.
*Renter agrees to be in full control of their pets at all times and take full responsibility for their pets well being during the entire stay.