Hurricane Policies 

Hurricane Policy:  Guests that rent the villa from mid June through mid December should be aware that they are renting during Hurricane season and the villa could have hurricane shutters up during your stay.  It is highly recommended that renters purchase travel insurance should you have to cancel the reservation due to inability to travel due to a hurricane.   In the event of a pending hurricane all guests MUST vacate the villa when instructed to do so by our caretaking staff. This is for the safety and well-being of our guests. Any unused rent and taxes will be refunded. It is the sole responsibility of the guests to secure other lodging or change airline tickets for an early departure.

Hurricane Shutters

1.      “The period”: refers to the Atlantic Hurricane Season beginning 1 June and ending 30 November annually.

2.     Severe weather: refers to dangerous meteorological or hydro-meteorological phenomenon, of varying duration, with risk of causing major damage, serious social disruption and loss of human life, requiring measures for minimizing loss, mitigation and avoidance, and requiring detailed information about the phenomenon.  

3.     Safely Install: refers to the retrieval of, transport to site, and attachment of Hurricane Shutters of an aluminum sheet material in panels of up to 60 square feet in surface area.  Safe working conditions require daylight, minimum wind, dry surface (no rain).

4.     The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the United States of America operate the National Weather Service, National Hurricane Center. This service provides information relative the to annual tropical weather conditions.

5.     During the period, property protection and personal safety may be warranted.  The decision to abate property damage shall be at the discretion of the property owners and/or their representatives physically on site.  The authorized guidance for decision analysis shall be the National Weather Service, National Hurricane Center Forecast and Advisories.

6.     Hurricane Shutters installation shall be made based on pre-existing weather conditions and forecast conditions allowing sufficient time to safely install the individual shutters in a secure and proper manner.

7.     Once the decision to install the Hurricane Shutters has been made, Renters shall not interdict or attempt to negotiate alternate installation schedules.

8.      “Luck of the Season”:  based on global weather conditions, Renters in the period may or may not have shutters affixed. The date of initial shutter installation will be based on the first weather threat to the property as indicated by the National Hurricane Center.

9.     Once installed during the period, shutters will remain affixed to the windows EXCEPT for one panel per room when the villa is occupied.

10.  The Renter shall, at no time,modify/alter/remove any shutter.

11.  The Renter shall use diligence in notifying the site caretaker of a malfunction or failure of a shutter or series of shutters.

12.  “Ride-It-Out”:  the renter acknowledges that “Breakers Villa” or "Sea Glass Villa" does not constitute a safe haven from Tropical Storms when Hurricane Shutters are installed. Severe weather will cause one or all of the conditions to exist for a prolonged period.

a.     Loss of electrical service

b.    Loss of Internet connectivity

c.     Loss of potable water supply

d.    Loss of Cellular Telephone Connectivity

e.     Disruption in transportation systems and roads

Removal & Re-installation Fee:  $585.00

Convenience removal of Hurricane shutters during the period of the Renter’s stay.  If the Renter elects to authorize the removal of any or all Hurricane Shutters the following terms and conditions must be ratified in writing”

a.     The Renter acknowledges that the summer special and low season rate structure is significantly below market and is has been notified that the rate was based on the Atlantic Hurricane Seasonal risks.

b.    The Renter acknowledges that the Hurricane preparation of shutters being installed requires two (2) days in calm weather conditions.

c.     The Renter acknowledges that they have been advised that removal of Hurricane shutters during the height of the hurricane season is considered to be dangerous and puts renter at serious risk of possible injury and that this action is considered to be negligence on part of the renter.  Renter holds the caretaker; owner and Vacation Holdings, LLC harmless should injury or death result from this action.    

d.    The Renter acknowledges that they accept full liability for any and all property damage resulting from sudden severe weather conditions that precluded the re-installation of the Hurricane Shutters.  Renter has been advised that rental is during the height of the hurricane season and removal of hurricane shutters is considered to be negligence on the part of the renter and accepts to pay for all costs including attorney fees by removal of hurricane shutters. 

e.     The Renter acknowledges that, if during the duration of stay, a Hurricane warning is issued and it becomes necessary to reinstall the Hurricane Shutters removed at the Renters request; the Renter will be billed at a cost of $585.00. 

Authorization to Remove Hurricane Shutters

I have read and fully understand the risks outlined in the terms and conditions outlined above in the

Renter Hurricane Shutter Convenience Removal Awareness Agreement  In requesting the removal of any or

all installed Hurricane Shutters I except the risk and liability associated with this action:

Renter:  _______________________________________Date:___________

Print Name:____________________________________ 

Witness: _______________________________________Date:____________

Print Name:_____________________________________