Guest Services

Whether this is your first time visiting St. Croix our you are returning visitor we want to do everything we can to exceed your expectations.  We have listed important and helpful information for your visit.

  Planning your Trip to St. Croix

For planning your trip this is a link to our airline page that will give more information on airlines that fly into St. Croix as well as flights to and from the other islands.  Airline Information 

Travel Documents & Customs

If you are a United States citizen you do not need a Passport to travel to the US Virgin Islands. You will need to present a government issued identification (Drivers License, ID card) as well as an original copy of your birth certificate (with a raised seal). It is always recommended that you travel with your passport, as it is the easiest document to present anywhere you go. If you are not a U.S. Citizen, then a Passport issued by your country of origin is required for entry.   If you are planning on inter-island travel within the United States Virgin Island you will need a government issue valid ID. For travel to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) a passport is required for U.S. Citizens.

Driving in St. Croix

Driving on St. Croix can be a bit challenging as they drive on the left hand side of the road.  However, the Cruzan people are use to tourist and you will find them to be very helpful and extremely courteous.  On the major roads, remember that the turn lanes are situated opposite from normal state-side left turns .  Seat belts are required for both front-seat passengers in the USVI (and recommended for all passengers). Drivers must use a hands free device if using a cell phone. If you are waiting for a space to enter traffic or make a turn, drivers in the oncoming lane may signal you with a honk of their horn, a wave, or a flash of their headlights — this means they are actually helping you and stopping to allow you the right of way so please do not be alarmed.  This is a link to our Rental Car information.  We recommend using one of the local rental car agencies on the island.  Rental Car Information

 Caretaker Services

The villa has an on island caretaker should you need anything during your stay.

Utilities and Electrical

Power and Electrical Outlets:  The electrical outlets are the same as on the mainland and United States so no adapters are needed. However, if you are going to be traveling from Europe you will need an adapter.   It is not necessary to bring a hair dryer as we have them in both of the bathrooms.

Air Conditioning systems:  Window style air conditioning units.  In the Virgin Islands electrical power is not as reliable as in the United States, Canada and Europe. Power outages and electrical surges are known to happen on more than infrequent basis . Power surges can cause a great deal of damage to the units so we ask that you please power the units off is the power was to go out.  We ask that guests please conserve usage by turning the air conditioner systems off when not in use as this will allow the units to cool down properly.  The units are also not designed to be set below 65 degrees as this can cause the units to freeze up.  

Internet & Telephone

Internet  & Telephone Service:  The vlla has Wifi the password is located on the bottom of the router.  The villa does not have a hard line telephone.  We recommend bringing along a cell phone to make calls.  For guests that plan to bring along a computer we recommend that you download Skype software which is a Free service for making calls though your computer.  For more information click on the link to Skype

General Information

St. Croix has all the attributes of “paradise” but it is really like anywhere else and not immune to crime. Use good judgment. Leave flashy jewelry at home. You don’t need it. You also don’t need an extensive wardrobe. Decent shorts, polo shirts, t-shirts and flip-flops will do just about any time anywhere. In better restaurants at night, ladies might wish to opt for a cool summer shift and guys perhaps for lightweight long pants (only maybe) and boat shoes. Some restaurants, such as the Terrace at the Buccaneer, require men to have collars (Polo shirt OK). If in doubt, simply inquire when making a reservation what is customary. Jackets and ties or socks are not necessary anywhere.

Don’t leave anything of value in your car, even out of sight or in the trunk, especially at beaches. You should feel totally safe on the roads throughout the island, but at night especially in town, stay to the main tourist areas and roads. You will not see the levels of abject poverty that you would encounter on other islands as St. Croix is US. You will find that the local people are somewhat shy and many are very religious. They respond very positively and in a friendly way to courtesy and respect, just like anyone else. People in the islands don’t generally rush – for you or anyone else. The custom in the VI is for people entering a shop or other establishment (that’s you) to initiate the greeting with “Good morning, Good afternoon, or Good evening. This seems backward in a service-based economy but it is the custom here. 

As a final tip (and I know you’ve heard it before), don’t forget your sunscreen or tanning lotion. The sun is very intense here. 

We hope you enjoy your stay and will visit St. Croix again. Explore, relax, and enjoy.

Energy Usage - Power & Water

Electrical Power & Outages:  Because we are on an island our resources are precious and very expensive here. Our electric rate is the highest in the developed world (four times higher than in the States). Please help us conserve energy by turning off lights, fans and air conditioning when not in use.  In then event of a power outage we will have no electricity to maintain water pressure. Therefore, the toilets will not refill. We have not experienced lengthy power outages but it is recommended that you manage flushes as that is all the water in the toilet reservoir.  When the power comes back on our caretaker will be assist in restarting the pump.   

Water:  The Virgin Islands does not have a public water system.  Our only source of household water is from the rain which we collect on our roofs which is then stored in large cisterns under our homes. Water is pumped into the home so please keep in mind that the pump may have difficulty keeping up and may shut off if it cannot keep up with the water flow. Try to stagger taking showers and not running the washing machine at the same time as the dishwasher.  We will often substitute a dip in the pool for a shower and generally take showers in shorter in duration than might be the custom at home. Our caretaker checks the cistern level before and after each guests stay and estimates the water usage based on the number of guests in the party.  During months with very little rainfall tankers of water must be ordered at a cost of $350.00 a tanker which is enough water for a party of 1-4 guests staying in the villa one week.  We ask guests to please be mindful of the amount of water required when using the bath tubs in the villa as our allotment and water estimates do not factor use of the bath tub on a daily basis.  During months of no rainfall please inform our caretaker if you plan to use the bathi tub on a daily basis so that the cistern can be checked to insure the villa has adequate water for your stay.

Rain Showers

Wind, Rain and Rust:  Our tropic rain showers can blow in unexpectedly even on an otherwise beautiful day.  Both villas are located on the North shore of the island which has the benefits of a natural breeze that flows in across the ocean.  Due to the location during heavy down pours the winds are greater and can drive rain through the windows and doors into the villa and cause a puddling effect.  Therefore, when you leave the house to explore St. Croix, please keep this in mind and close all doors and windows.  Also keep in mind that these villa's are only 20 yards from the ocean so the damaging effects of the salt spray when windows and doors are left open can be considerable (you don’t have to look far to find rust, even on newer items that are a few weeks old).