Our Beach - semi private in Judith Fancy Estates

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Beach

Answer:  The Villa has stairs that lead down from the great room with a nice pathway leading to the beach.  

2.  How far is the beach from the villa ?

Answer:  The beach is only about 20 yards.  One of the really wonderful features is that this villa is much closier to the ocean than some of the other vacation rentals in Judith Fancy. 

3.  Can you swim, surf and snorkel at this beach ?

Answer:  It will depend on how good a swimmer you are. The coral reef begins here making for really terrific surfing (click on surfer video above).  The Judith Fancy beach is unique as it is one of the only beaches on St. Croix where you can actually surf.   You can snorkel, but should have the appropriate gear (water shoes, etc) to protect your feet from scrapping.

4.  Could we dive in this area  ?

Answer:  There is a diving buoy which can be seen in the photo of the sail boat below.   

5.  What is the beach like ?

Answer: From the photos you can see that the beach has some sandy areas as well as rocky.  This is a semi-private beach is superior because it actually has a small protected cove.  You can see in the photo below how the large rocks comes out creating some wonderful privacy. 

6.  Who Maintains the Beach ?

Answer:  The Judith Fancy gated community has a semi-annual litter pick up. 

7.  Is the Beach Child Friendly ?

Answer:  This is a wonderful beach for children as they can play at the waters edge and chase the tides that rush in.  Just enough of a sandy beach to make sandcastles.   

8.  Do you have Beach chairs and Beach Towels  ?

Answer:  No, we do not supply beach chairs but we do supply beach towels

9.  Do you supply any Snorkeling equipment ?

Answer:  Due to concerns with hygiene we do not supply any face masks for swim fins.  These items can be picked up at the local Kmart if you do not want to carry them in your luggage.  

10.  How much Privacy do these beaches have ?

Answer:  Both beaches are located in a private gated community so you will have nice privacy for family picnics on the beach, a massage or for your children to play in the ocean. Or enjoy a romantic moon lite night sipping a glass of wine or your favorite rum drink.  

11.  How does your Beach compare to other Beachfront villa's located in Judith Fancy ?

Answer:  If you scroll down to the last photo it will show you most of the beachfront villa's along the street.  Breakers villa is the fifth villa ( next to the two vacant lots).  Sea Glass Villa is located directly next door ( left of us facing the ocean).  If you are evaluating other beachfront villa's in Judith Fancy please take note of how much closer Breakers & Sea Glass Villa are to the ocean as compared to some of the other villas.  For example the rental with the tile roof does not have anywhere near the same direct oceanfront feel because it sits up closer to the street

Judith Fancy - Beachfront Comparisons

Beachfront Comparisons   As you can see from the photo all of the villa's have oceanfront views. If you are evaluating other villa's in Judith Fancy please take note of how much closer this Villa is to the ocean as the villa was grandfathered in and does not have set back restrictions like most of the other villas.  Most of the other villa's have a 100 foot set back which is why they are located closer to the street than the ocean. 


Photo of Beach looking back at Windows to the Sea Villa

Steps leading down from the deck to the beach

Photo shows the pathway leading down to the beach

This photo shows beach cleaned and the sand raked as low tide. 

Beach at low tide

1.  Can you get to the beach from the back yard ?